Your employees are the heartbeat of your business, one of the best ways to take care of them is through delicious and healthy food.

However, COVID-19 has changed the rules for corporate catering near me— how do you safely order food for the office in the age of social distancing? Check out our top tips!

4 Tips for Safer Corporate Catering in San Jose

  1. 1. Limit contact and exposure with disposables

    Single-use products, aka disposables, can go a long way towards limiting contact in the office. For instance, it saves everyone a trip to the kitchen to wash their own dishes, which can increase exposure.

  2. 2. Treat the office to individually-packed meals

    For even less contact between everyone at the office, consider serving individually-packaged meals instead of shared platters. This can come in the form of boxed lunches and dinners, solo-packed desserts, bottled beverages and individual snacks.

  3. 3. Order your office meals online and in advance

    Leaving the office to go get lunch and one-off food deliveries increases the health risk for the entire office. Providing corporate catering is an excellent way to encourage your team to stay inside the office, while still making sure they enjoy delicious food.

    The safest and most convenient way to do this is to order ahead. For instance, you can check out our menu for corporate catering service in San Jose and ask your team members to pick out what they like. On the day itself, our delivery protocols will ensure that your food is fresh, hot and on-time with no contact during the process.

  4. 4. Practice social distancing during corporate buffets

    Buffets have always been a huge part of office culture and event catering. It’s such a unique experience— go up to the buffet table, serve yourself and mingle with everyone in the process!

    There’s no need to cross out buffets out of your corporate catering options, but they do look a bit different today. Instead of self-service, for instance, we recommend attendant-served stations instead. This guarantees that serving dishes and utensils are handled by one person only.

Let’s Talk About Your Corporate Catering Needs!

Enjoy convenient, chef-prepared corporate catering services delivered straight to your office or event in Silicon Valley, the South Bay Area and throughout San Jose! Aside from offering a creative selection of dishes from around the world, Entrees Unlimited is also 100% committed to your safety, today more than ever (you can check out our enhanced safety protocols here!).

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