Employees go the extra mile for companies who do the same for them. Making them feel valued doesn’t have to be extravagant— it can be as simple as treating them to a corporate meal delivery program in San Jose.

Here at Entrees Unlimited, we know how food can have a meaningful impact on people. For instance, it can be a source of comfort during a memorial service. In addition, family bonding moments often happen over delicious food and it can make acelebrations even more special. And when it comes to employee perks, few things are as gratifying as free and delicious meals courtesy of the company.

4 Big Benefits of a Corporate Meal Delivery Program

Having corporate lunches delivered in San Jose is a terrific way of taking care of your team. Aside from that, you may be surprised at what it can do for your business:

  1. 1. It’s a secret weapon for retaining employees

    USA Today found that simply providing free food at work can result in a whopping 67% job satisfaction rate. It shows staff that you’re serious about creating a supportive office environment and it’s a great way to attract talent.

  2. 2. It provides a priceless productivity boost

    Next, planning for lunch is a massive time waster. There’s so much to consider! First, where are you going to order food? Secondly, what are you going to get? How can you avoid the lunch-hour rush to make it back in time? Should you eat alone or with your co-workers? These might seem like small decisions, but they can create a big drag on productivity.

    By providing your team with a catered cooked meal, you’re doing more than simply feeding them. Specifically, you’re getting rid of a key source of distraction. Come lunchtime, all they need to do is go to the break room and enjoy.

  3. 3. Sharing a meal is a wonderful way for your employees to bond

    How many times have you seen employees eating on their desks, alone and staring into their computers? Providing free meals invites people to connect and eat together. Moreover, it’s a great way to make everyone feel like a team, whether you have five people on the staff or several big departments.

    Finally, forming deep ties in the office makes for more loyal employees, greater collaboration and a stronger company culture overall.

  4. 4. It creates a healthier workforce

    Lastly, poor health costs the U.S. a mind-blowing $576 billion per year. About $227 billion of this is related to lost productivity due to working sick or taking sick days.

    One reason is that many busy workers take the easy – and unhealthy – way out when it comes to lunch at work. Not everyone has the time to meal prep or cook healthy meals at home.

    As a result, they end up buying fast food or binging on junk because it’s easier and more convenient. It’s bad for their health and it’s bad for your business. Meanwhile, a corporate lunch program with a healthy menu encourages employees to make better food choices.

Where can I find the best corporate meal delivery program in San Jose?

The best corporate food delivery program in San Jose should be convenient and delicious with diverse food options. At Entrees Unlimited, we offer recurring corporate meal services that are completely customizable. Benefits include:

  • Chef prepared meals
  • Daily or weekly corporate meal delivery program
  • Ability to provide special menus for any dietary need, including a la carte items
  • Safe, no-contact meal delivery service
  • Choose from a wide range of cuisines around the world
  • Free consultation for your meal plan and menu selections

Got a special office event coming up? We’d also be happy to help! Choose from our hot breakfasts, lunches, dinners, BBQs, buffets and customize the menu exactly as you like it for your corporate functions.

Entrees Unlimited: Delicious and Stress-free Catering Solutions in San Jose

With Entrees Unlimited, you can enjoy tasty and healthy chef-prepared meals without the hassle. Let us take care of your:

  • Prepared meal for dinner in San Jose
  • Holiday menu
  • Wedding catering
  • Corporate catering
  • Recurring office meals
  • Oven ready meal delivery
  • Catering for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

To further inquire about our catering options and packages, kindly send us a message here or call us at 408-280-0910.