Picture this: It’s been a long day, and it’s time for dinner. Instead of scrambling around trying to whip up something, you simply pull out a homemade, hot meal from the oven.

Except, you didn’t have to shop for ingredients. No chopping and measuring. Best of all, no mountain of dirty dishes to wash! Just good food, shared with the people you love.

That’s the concept behind our Oven Ready Dinner Packs. It’s a complete, chef-prepared meal for dinner in San Jose that’s enough for a family of five. Everything is cooked from scratch before being delivered to your home. Heat it up, serve and you have a family-sized gourmet dinner in minutes.

The Benefits of Oven Ready Dinner Packs

When we started offering our Oven Ready Dinner Packs in March 2020, our initial menu only had 10 meal options. Today, we have over 40 Chef-quality dinner pack options you can choose from. Not just mains, but appetizers, desserts and a la carte items!

Our Oven Ready Dinner Packs also made their way to more than one corporate meal delivery program in San Jose. Sent to employees working from home, it was a wonderful way for companies to show appreciation.

Below are even more benefits of dinner pack deliveries:

  • Home dinner delivery saves you a lot of time

    Oven Ready Dinner Packs are a lifesaver for busy families and employees. It doesn’t matter how packed your schedule is – you always have an amazing meal waiting for you when you get home.

  • Dinner pack delivery services expand your dietary horizons

    At Entrees Unlimited, we love helping people discover new flavors from around the world. Aside from classic American fare, our Dinner Pack menu includes Mexican, Greek, Italian, Hawaiian, Asian and many other cuisines.

    Got picky eaters in the family? Let them choose a la carte items like appetizers, sides, vegetarian options and desserts. There’s something for everyone with every prepared meal for dinner in San Jose.

  • Meal delivery services save you money

    Due to the portioning of each dinner pack, you waste less food. No half-empty sauce jars, produce that’s gone bad, and expired ingredients from cooking a one-off meal. You also spend less on take-out and restaurants.

  • Prepared meals for dinner are good for your health

    How often do you call for pizza or fast food when you don’t have time to cook? It’s convenient, but rarely healthy. So are processed foods.

    At Entrees Unlimited, we pride ourselves on “Quality Without Compromise.” That means each Oven Ready Dinner Pack is made from real, honest-to-goodness ingredients. Since each Dinner Pack is good for five people, it’s easier for portion control, too.

Oven-Ready Dinner Packs for Home Delivery in San Jose

Need a meal solution for your busy schedule, or simply want stress-free delicious food? Entrees Unlimited has you covered.

Our Chef-prepared home delivery dinner packs are ready to heat and delivered straight to your doorstep. We can also deliver to your office or cater your business events with our corporate lunch services in San Jose.

Call us at (408) 280-0910 or Order Now using our online form, and we’ll get back to you shortly!