Entrees Unlimited Presents:

Wild West Bar-B-Que

Delivery & Set Up Buffet Style, Return & Pick Up!
Menus include: Homemade Meat or Vegetarian Chili,
Garden Fresh Salad, Fresh Baked Bread with Butter & Plateware!

Terms and Additional Information:

  • For full service cooked onsite (75 person minimum), add $8.00/person based on a 2 Hour serving time
  • Ask about special theme parties. We can go Polynesian- Cowboy- Fiesta and more! The possibilities are unlimited!
  • We can provide rental equipment ranging from 5' BBQ Pits to 10' x 10' Canopies, Tables, Linens and more! We can also provide beverages including, but not limited to, Bottled Water, Sodas, Beer & Wine.
  • Pricing applicable Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Additional $2.00 per person for evenings and weekends.
  • Weekend charge of $50.00 for Saturday and $100.00 for Sunday orders, as we are normally closed weekends.  Fuel surcharge $24.50 applied to all orders.
BBQ Chicken

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Phone Number: 408-280-0910

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Main Entrees

Fresh California Chicken Breast & Leg Quarter | $16.99

Chicken Quarter & Baby Back Rib Combo | $19.99

Half Pound Angus Burger | $16.99

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich & Chicken Quarter | $18.99

BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Rib & Sausage Combo | $21.99

Choice Half Pound Angus Burger & Chicken Quarter | $19.99

Choice Skirt Steak & Chicken | $23.99

Angus Flank Steak & Chicken | $22.99

Angus Choice Rib Eye (12-14oz) | $32.99

Additional items can be added to any menu!

Old Fashioned All Beef Hot Dogs | $5.50 ea.

Half pound Bar-B-Que Angus Burger | $10.99 ea.

Bar B Que Italian Sausage, Polish or Bratwurst Link | $4.99 ea.

Bar B Que Prawn Skewer (5 Jumbo Prawns) | $9.99 ea.

Home Style Potato, Pasta Salad, or Cole Slaw | $2.99 ea.

Fresh Corn Cobbett’s with Salt, Pepper & Butter | $2.99ea.

Fresh Cut Watermelon, Cantaloupe or Pineapple | $2.99 ea.

Substitute Real Garlic Bread for Rolls | $2.50 ea.

Vegetarian Grilled Portabella Stack | $10.99 ea.

Finally, what’s more thoughtful than the gift of food? Let your friends and family feel the love by sending them Gift Certificates for Entrees Unlimited’s Home Delivery Dinner Packs.

Call us at (408) 280-0910 or order now by clicking on the button above and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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