Entrees Unlimited Presents:

Wild West Bar-B-Que

Delivery & Set Up Buffet Style, Return & Pick Up!
Menus include: Homemade Meat or Vegetarian Chili,
Garden Fresh Salad, Fresh Baked Bread with Butter & Plateware!

Terms and Additional Information:

  • For full service pricing or cooked onsite, contact your Salesperson who would be glad to work up a price based on your needs. Ask about special theme parties. We can go Polynesian- Cowboy- Fiesta and more! The possibilities are unlimited!
  • We can provide rental equipment ranging from 5' BBQ Pits to 10' x 10' Canopies, Tables, Linens and more! We can also provide beverages including, but not limited to, Bottled Water, Sodas, Beer & Wine.
  • Pricing applicable Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Additional $2 per person plus weekend charge of $75.00 for Saturday and $150.00 for Sunday orders. Fuel Charge $29.50 applied to all orders.
  • A weekend delivery charge of $100.00 will be incurred for Saturday and Sunday orders, as we are normally closed weekends.

BBQ Chicken

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Phone Number: 408-280-0910

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Main Entrees

Fresh California Chicken Breast & Leg Quarter | $16.99

Chicken Quarter & Baby Back Rib Combo | $21.99

Half Pound Angus Burger | $16.99

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich & Chicken Quarter | $19.99

BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Rib & Sausage Combo | $22.99

Choice Half Pound Angus Burger & Chicken Quarter | $19.99

Choice Skirt Steak & Chicken | $24.99

Angus Flank Steak & Chicken | $22.99

Angus Choice Rib Eye (12-14oz) | $34.99

Additional items can be added to any menu!

Old Fashioned All Beef Hot Dogs | $5.50 ea.

Half pound Bar-B-Que Angus Burger | $11.99 ea.

Bar B Que Italian Sausage, Polish or Bratwurst Link | $4.99 ea.

Bar B Que Prawn Skewer (5 Jumbo Prawns) | $9.99 ea.

Home Style Potato, Pasta Salad, or Cole Slaw | $2.99 ea.

Fresh Corn Cobbett’s with Salt, Pepper & Butter | $2.99ea.

Fresh Cut Watermelon, Cantaloupe or Pineapple | $2.99 ea.

Substitute Real Garlic Bread for Rolls | $2.50 ea.

Vegetarian Grilled Portabella Stack | $11.99 ea.

Call us at (408) 280-0910 or order now by clicking on the button above and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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