Entrees Unlimited may be one of the top Bay Area corporate catering today, but we had very humble beginnings. Just two guys and a Honda Civic trying to get a business off the ground.

Trust us when we say, we understand how important it is to impress clients. It can mean the difference between landing a new contract or being in the red! And one of the best ways to do that is through corporate catering for San Jose events.

If you want to blow your corporate guests away – whether they’re your partners, clients or employees – your menu is the best place to start.

The Biggest Advantages of Corporate Catering

Amazing food can really set the tone for any corporate event. Boost their mornings with a hearty Country Breakfast, Crepes Benedict or French toast all served with fresh brewed coffee. Encourage everyone to network with Hors D’ Oeuvres as refreshments.

For your business lunch or dinner, discuss important business matters over elegant Italian, Asian or European fare. An authentic Bar-B-Que feast is perfect for building team spirit!

Aside from setting the tone of the event, corporate catering also allows you to:

Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Catering Food Budget

Unless you have experience with event and corporate lunch services in San Jose, DIY corporate catering can force you to go overbudget.

Need a Continental Breakfast for more than 50 people? Maybe it’s a small event and you only want Salads and Sandwiches for 10 people. No matter what kind of breakfast, entrée or cuisine you want for your event, our chefs know to work within your budget. No wasting food, no wasting money, just happy and satisfied guests!

Ensure Food Safety at Your Corporate Event

Every meal from Entrees Unlimited is meticulously prepared by a professional chef highly trained in proper food handling and safety. This protects your company and guests from issues like cross contamination and serving undercooked food.

For additional safety all our corporate meals are served in no contact individual containers.

Create a Terrific Impression for Your Company

Corporate catering shouldn’t just taste good. It should represent who you are as company. For instance, a beautifully plated dish conveys high standards and a fine attention to detail. Whether it’s a buffet-style chow down, snacks or a plated dinner, expect our chefs to make it look outstanding.

Reduce the Stress of Corporate Event Planning

Having done corporate catering since 1982, we know how chaotic business events can be. You have to get a million things right, from the venue to the guest lists, program, activities and accommodations.

Let our San Jose corporate catering company lighten the load! Focus on the rest of the event, while we take care of everything about the food. That’s one task you can check off your event to-do list!

Impress Your Guests at Your Next Corporate Event!

If you’re planning a corporate event, consider the company that has been catering to Silicon Valley since 1982! Entrees Unlimited has the staff, culinary expertise and experience to take your event to greater heights.

Aside from corporate catering, we can also take care of your corporate meal delivery program in San Jose. For more information please fill out this Contact Form or call us at (408) 280-0910.